Middle School Leadership

The Middle School Leadership, or the recently renamed League of Leaders (L.O.L), is dedicated to making middle school an active, vibrant and fun place.

L.O.L organzies middle school wide events like Beach Day, Dress-Up Day and Gym Blast. Each of these events is designed to build community in the middle school while building leadership skills in those students involved in the planning process.

Meet the 2015/16 L.O.L

Gr. 6
Nyah McDowell
Nina Hildebrandt
Maddy Hiebert
Inara Koester
Ranveer Sandhu

Gr. 7
Dilraj Bhandal
Emmett Hildebrandt
Skye Bartel-Ens
Julia Dyck
Megan Rempel
Maddox Loustel
Cam Olafson

Gr. 8
Adia Koodoo
Katie Bazin
Teo Capitano
Taliah Zacharias
Emily Klassen


Shawna McDowell