Guidelines for a Positive School Life

We encourage respect at all times.

We teach and encourage our students to show respect for people.                                           

Some examples of respect for people are:

  • Obeying all adults who work in the school and follow their direction.
  • Following classroom rules.
  • Not creating disturbances in classes or any part of the school.
  • Respecting the personal space and feelings of all people.

We teach and encourage our students to show respect for property.                                        

Some examples of respect for property are:

  • Returning to the owner or the office other people’s things that are found.
  • Returning borrowed books and articles in good condition.
  • Replacing or paying for items broken or lost.

Some examples of disrespect for property are:

  • Vandalism, graffiti, littering hallways and/or the outside grounds.
  • Writing on walls, desks, chairs and other furniture.
  • Defacing other people’s property.
  • Bringing lighters, matches or cigarettes to school.

We teach and encourage our students to show respect for what the school stands for.                      

Some examples of respecting the school’s principles are:

  • Dressing appropriately with discretion and modesty.
  • Respecting the rules and those who are put in place to enforce them.
  • Acting with respect and reverence at all religious and spiritual observances.
  • Using the Internet and other electronic media for school related and wholesome purposes.


We do not tolerate physical violence.                                                                                           

Some examples of physical violence are:

  • Fighting, play fighting, wrestling, hitting or slapping, tackling, kicking, tripping, knocking over, throwing of rocks, sand, snowballs and/or other objects.

We do not tolerate verbal violence.                                                                                                           

Some examples of verbal violence are:

  • Swearing or cursing, teasing, put-downs, harassing or bullying.
  • Making threats, racial or gender slurs, name-calling.