Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is to be followed at any MBCI school sponsored activity, regardless of location or time of day.

Students are expected to:

● be on time for class, bringing all the required supplies and completed homework
● speak well of others, not using abusive language and aggressive behaviour to belittle or intimidate
● show respect to all school staff
● behave respectfully to all, regard less of age, gender, race, or religion
● solve conflicts peacefully through discussion or by seeking help
● dress according to the dress code for all classes and school sponsored activities
● use the school's property appropriately and work to keep it clean.
● make the most of the time in school, and strive for academic excellence through classroom participation
● carefully evaluate his or her own behaviour and school work, and seek to change when necessary
● Follow the guidelines for academic integrity
● obey all adults who work in the school and follow their direction
● follow classroom rules
● not create disturbances in classes or any part of the school
● respect the personal space and feelings of all people
● return to the owner or the office other people’s things that are found
● return borrowed books and articles in good condition
● replace or pay for items broken or lost
● dress appropriately with discretion and modesty
● respect the rules and those who are put in place to enforce them
● act with respect and reverence at all religious and spiritual observances
● use the Internet and other electronic media for school related and wholesome purposes
● adhere to school policies regarding the appropriate use of the Internet, social media, digital communication, websites, digital or electronic communication devices including cameras

Staff are expected to:

● provide the programs and services prescribed by the MBCI School Board and Manitoba Education, Citizenship & Youth
● establish and maintain a positive learning environment
● evaluate students' achievement, and explain the evaluation procedures for each course
● keep students, parents/guardians and principals informed about student progress, attendance, and behaviour
● show common courtesy and respect to all, regardless of age, gender, race, or religion
● speak well of others, not using abusive language and aggressive behaviour to coerce or intimidate
● treat students and other staff members fairly and consistently
● respect confidential information about students and staff
● help students to resolve conflicts peacefully and use the Code of Conduct to encourage appropriate behaviour
o if a staff member becomes aware of a student engaged in cyberbullying, or negatively affected by cyberbullying, whether within or outside of school hours, this will be reported to the Principal, or his/her designate
● hold students accountable for unacceptable conduct at school, or a school activity, with application of appropriate consequences that are in keeping with the school’s Guiding Principles
o when a staff member believes that a student has been harmed as a result of unacceptable conduct, it shall be reported to the Principal or his/her designate as soon as reasonably possible, and the parent or guardian of that student will be informed

Parents/Guardians are expected to

support and partner with the school in teaching positive attitudes and behaviours:
   ● ensure their children attend classes regularly, arrive at school on time, and complete their homework
   ● attend school events, support the school and stay in contact with staff
   ● help their children develop positive attitudes to school, show common courtesy and respect to all students, staff and property
   ● speak well of others, not using abusive language and aggressive behaviour to coerce or intimidate
   ● encourage the peaceful resolution ofconflict. Discourage violent or aggressive behaviour to solve conflicts
   ● discuss the Code of Conduct, attendance policies and the dress code with their children, to gain a clear understanding of school expectations