Spiritual Emphasis

We emphasize Christianity through all of our offerings and take time twice per year to host chapels, multiple days in a row, dedicated to our community's spiritual growth.

Spiritual Emphasis has seen speakers such as Phil Cann, Jeremy Kinniburgh, Steve Thomas, Eric Samuel Timm, Steve Heinrichs, Nathan Regier and more. We have hosted musical guests such as Cities Under Fire, The Color, Jon Buller, Jordan St Cyr, Karla Adolphe, Amanda Falk, At The Door, and more. Our own students often write and present dramas as well!

Spiritual Emphasis Week 2017

Our speaker this year is:

David Balzer, Assistant Professor of Communications and Media
Canadian Mennonite University

A little bit about our speaker, click here!

Selfies, smartphones, OMG, and viral virtues are just some of the things he will be addressing. We'll close the week with a roundtable discussion including members from our own community. Our high school worship band will lead sung worship each day!

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David Balzer

David Balzer

David Balzer

David Balzer

David Balzer

"Oh my God, did you see that?"

"Selfies Must be God's Idea"

"Remember, you are smarter than your smartphone"

"What if virtue when viral?"

"#nowwhat?!" Roundtable

Past Spiritual Emphasis Weeks

SEW 2015

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Speaker: Steve Thomas was born and raised in Goshen, Indiana. His personal mission in life is to explore, discover and present God's abundant life of freedom, love and peace. Read More about Steve.

Band: Cities Under Fire formed in 2009 as a collaboration between brothers Andrew and Jardeth Hemmerling and songwriter David Millar. Bronson Hemmerling was added on bass in 2011. With their debut release of Lukewarm Love, the band began to tour extensively across Canada and the U.S.  The album was very well received, with several award nominations including a win for "Modern Rock/Alternative Album of the Year" at the 2011 GMA Canada Awards in Calgary, Alberta. Read More

Worship Songs (some of them!)

Good Good FatherListen on Youtube
HopeListen on Youtube
You Make Me BraveListen on Youtube
CloserListen on Youtube
I am FreeListen on Youtube
You are GoodListen on Youtube
Deep Cries OutListen on Youtube

"On September 21-25, Steve Thomas came from Goshen, Indiana, and spoke in chapel about bullying. He has a black belt in tae kwon do and he leads the Peacemakers Academy. He taught us to stand up for ourselves in a peaceful manner, without violence or insults. The band Cities Under Fire came from Saskatchewan and lead worship throughout the week. Lunch worship sessions were held. This allowed students to get to know the band better and worship God while doing so. Overall it was a great week for spiritual development."

- Maya Boge (Christian Emphasis Committee, Student Council)

Monday Sept. 21, 9:36am - 10:20am
Steve Thomas - There's another way.  "I will tell my story of being bullied in school, struggling to respond, and discovering the Jesus way of dealing with the disrespect and aggression at school.  Rather than being passive in submitting to abuse or aggressive in striking back, we will look at being assertive to stop bullying. " Scripture:  Mt 5.38-44.
Tuesday Sept. 22, 8:40am - 9:24am
Steve Thomas - Is bullying really that bad?  "I will address bullying, its impact on all those involved, and the parts we play in this problem. Bullying amounts to a new "ism"-what I call shamism-i.e., aggressive social behavior to shame certain students in order to make them seem worthless, helpless and hopeless.  
Scripture:  James 2.1-4, 8.
Wednesday Sept. 23, 9:36am - 10:20am
Steve Thomas - Interpersonal peacemaking. "I will present two models for transforming interpersonal conflicts.  One is for solving problems and the other is for being assertive."
Scripture:  Romans 12.9-10, 14-18, 21.

Duct Tape Confessions - By Gr. 11 Drama Class

Thursday Sept. 24, 9:36am - 10:20am

Steve Thomas - Remember Who You Are.  "I will call us to recognize that we all are beloved children of God.  This is foundational  to creating a school community in which students have a healthy sense of self and a deep regard for one another."  Scripture: I John 3.1-2.
Friday Sept. 25, 9:23am - 10:03am

Cities Under Fire Concert Only

SEW 2014

Worship Songs

Rising SunWatch on Youtube
Prince of PeaceListen on Youtube
Lord I Need YouListen on Youtube
My LighthouseWatch on Youtube
One WayWatch on Youtube
Blessed Be Your NameWatch on Youtube
OceansWatch on Youtube

Re-listen to Steve Heinrich's Story

Getting Cow in the Circle: Relationships Through Relocation

Some notes from Vincent Solomon's messages -
God denounces violence, the theft of other's land and cheating others, to name a few. Yet, in Canada's history, our ancestors have done just that. And we reap the benefits of "owning" land that was taken from others and given to us. What would it like for us to treat people in a way that honours them and God? Our love for Jesus will motivate us to justice. What is justice? Loving loyally (lovingkindness) and walking humbly with God. Humility requires a change of heart - not proud or arrogant, but in submission to God, his will and his ways. Would we be about what Jesus is about?

Eric Samuel Timm -
Words without action make our words not only ineffective, but harmful to others. When you're in the school hallway, or online, or looking in the mirror, what words do you speak? Will they be words of life or death? Actions speak louder than words, but words may be the only action somebody sees.

Natalie Warner (Stuco Gr 9 Rep.) ~ "This spiritual emphasis week I felt more involved than I did in the past three grades. I was a part of the Gr. 9 worship team this year and we led singing during chapel all week. It's a different experience on the stage than sitting amongst the student body. You see everyone singing, and everyone seems more connected from this perspective.

This year we had a variety of speakers come and talk to us. All were very inspirational, but my favorite speaker was an artist named Eric Samuel Timm. He walked out on the stage in a very casual manner, but what he had to say was intriguing. He talked about speaking words of life to each other and being kind to our peers. Then he took an enormous canvas and painted the word "death " in a gothic calligraphic font. His conclusion was, "But you can change words of death . . . into words of life", and turned the canvas upside down to reveal the word "life" beautifully painted in the place of the word "death". (The painting can be seen at MBCI) "