Spiritual Emphasis

We emphasize Christianity through all of our offerings and take time twice per year to host chapels, multiple days in a row, dedicated to our community's spiritual growth.

Spiritual Emphasis has seen speakers such as Phil Cann, Jeremy Kinniburgh, Steve Thomas, Eric Samuel Timm, Steve Heinrichs, Nathan Regier and more. We have hosted musical guests such as Cities Under Fire, The Color, Jon Buller, Jordan St Cyr, Karla Adolphe, Amanda Falk, At The Door, and more. Our own students often write and present dramas as well!

miniSpiritual Emphasis Week (miniSEW)
Jan 25-26, 2018

Spiritual Emphasis Week
September 2017

Our speaker this year was:

David Balzer, Assistant Professor of Communications and Media
Canadian Mennonite University

A little bit about our speaker, click here!

Selfies, smartphones, OMG, and viral virtues are just some of the things he addressed. We closed the week with a roundtable discussion including members from our own student community. Our high school worship band led sung worship each day!

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David Balzer

David Balzer

David Balzer

David Balzer

David Balzer

"Oh my God, did you see that?"

"Selfies Must be God's Idea"

"Remember, you are smarter than your smartphone"

"What if virtue when viral?"

"#nowwhat?!" Roundtable