Social Studies/History



Online Resources:                   

   Maps on everything you can imagine.


  You can find ancient ruins and cultures here, and modern day countries.


Infobase eBooks  Ancient History information. Citations available.

-Artist Index - The Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

    Searchable by artist, timeline, and geographic location.

Infobase eBooksBiographies on famous people. Citations available.

     Canadian history or current topics.


-Canadian Encyclopedia Online

    Search through Canadian history by: events, people, places or things.

-Dictionary of Canadian Biography

    Biographies of "famous" and "not so famous" Canadians.

-Digital Public Library of America

    Primary source documents and photos of American history.

-Historical Atlas of Manitoba

    Imaginative Mapping of Manitoba to 1731.

    Advent of Exploration 1731-1795.

    Early European Settlement and Scientific Exploration 1801-1869.

    Developing Geographical Patterns 1870-1969.

-Memorable Manitobans

    Biographies of noteworthy Manitobans from the past.

-Timelines (ehistory)

    Search the timelines of history, from ancient times to the 21st century.

-United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking

    "Human Trafficking is a global crime." Information is given by continent but you may search by country

     or subject.

Infobase eBooksWomen's studies: search for famous women here. Citations available.

-World Atlas

    Includes "The List" of: continents, countries, bodies of water, islands, tallest mountains, driest inhabited

    places and much more!

    Includes Flags of the World and Time Across the World.

World Book Web     Searchable online encyclopedia. Citations for your eassays are available here.

Infobase eBooks  Historical events of the world. Easy to search with citations available.

       Search for biographies, economics, human rights, religions, countries, wars and conflicts.

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