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Infobase eBooks  Search for scientists' biographies. Citations are provided for any books used here.

-Beginner's Guide to Bird Watching

    Information on where to go birding, how to identify birds and more.

-The Biology Place

    A glossary of biological terms.

-Browse Science

    It's all here: earth science, life science, physical science, biology, chemistry and physics.

-EOL: The Encyclopedia of Life

    A searchable database of life-forms on earth: animals, plants, fungi, protists and bacteria.  

-Food and Nutrition (Health Canada)

    Canadian Nutrient File, searchable by food.

    Includes International Food Composition Tables, Nutrition Labelling and Regulations, Food and Drug Act

    and Regulations.

-Food Timeline

    From 17,000 BCE to curent times.

  Global reference on environment, energy and natural resources.

-Mayo Clinic

    An alphabetical database of symptoms, diseases and conditions.

 Infobase eBooks  Search for medicine and health, diseases and disorders, drugs and substance abuse.                     

-Merck Manual

    Medical information searchable by symptoms and body systems.

    Also includes conversion tables and clinical calculators.

-National Audobon Society

    A databse of North American birds.


    Includes ethnic recipes by region.

Infobase eBooks   Science & Technology: chemistry, geology, forensic science, physics, space and astronomy. 

    Information on chemistry, math, engineering, biology, earth sciences, physics and astronomy.

-Scientific Timeline: The Royal Society

    A scientific and historical timeline.

-TSD: The Science Dictionary

    A webcrawler that searches only scientific websites.

-Veritas Forums

    "Veritas Forums are events that engage students and faculty in discussions about life's hardest

    questions and the modern relevance of Jesus Christ."

     This web site includes forums and talks on questions about science and faith.

-Wild Species: The General Status of Species in Canada

    This database contains plants and animals native to Canada.

-World of Astronomy

    Includes alphbetical index.

World Book Web      Online encyclopedia. Citations are provided here.

-World of Chemistry

    Includes alphabetical index.

-World of Physics

    Includes alphabetical index.

-World of Scientific Biographies

    Searchable by alphabetical index, branch of science, and historical period.

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