The following website explains plagiarism in plain language.


These are the consequences of plagiarism at MBCI.

All suspected cases of academic dishonesty are passed on to the administration in order to insure consistent treatment.  The following consequences may apply:

  • All forms of plagiarism may bring a grade of 'zero' for the essay, test or assignment and no chance to make up the grade.
  • The student is placed on academic probation for the course in question, and the parents are informed.
  • The second offence (not necessarily in same course as the first offence) may cause the student to lose the credit in question. The student is placed on probation as a student at MBCI.
  • The third offence may result in the student withdrawing from the school. (Subject to Board decision)


The following websites provide information on the different citation styles.

OR useto cite your work.