My First Few Months at MBCI - Kristin Lutzer


As I began setting up my classroom in August, I remember having many butterflies of excitement about beginning my journey at MBCI. I trusted that God had placed me in this position for a reason.

We are a family at MBCI. Colleagues are open to and supportive of new teaching strategies, projects, and learning ideas. They are friendly and kind and always willing to help. My colleagues inspire me to give my best and are willing to lend an ear when I am in need of encouragement. As a teacher, I feel I am growing and maturing every day. Working in a Christian environment has exceeded all hopes and dreams I had. MBCI is a place where we celebrate who we are in Christ.

At MBCI, I feel empowered, trusted and encouraged by the administration team. Being a new teacher to a school comes with many questions and unknowns. Andrea, Reyn and Jessica have been very gracious in their support, guidance and patience with me. They have welcomed me so warmly into the MBCI community and encourage open communication. Andrea often mentions how she is praying for each and every teacher.

Teachers at MBCI plan authentic, interactive and stimulating lessons. They are committed to and strive for high academics and teach students with remarkably different abilities. Having a variety of co-curricular opportunities for students to plug into is where we can celebrate the God-given talents of each child. Fostering friendships and building community is evident in our many before, during and after school clubs, teams and activities.

In our inclusive environment, I see conscientious students who are kind and empathetic. Students at MBCI have a tremendous advantage not only because of the quality of education, but also the Christian foundation MBCI provides. Teachers are dedicated to the spiritual care of their students and do not take that responsibility lightly.

Being able to share my faith with my students has been the most meaningful aspect of this year. Reading devotions daily, singing worship songs at Chapel and praying with my students has been where I find the most joy as a teacher at MBCI.

- Kristin Amy Lutzer