League of Leaders (LOL) is a group of middle school students, elected by their peers, who serve as the leadership team in the middle school, and who also work in conjunction with our student council in high school (stuco).  Our LOL mantra is “Leading by Serving”.  Our primary goal is to plan, organize and engage middle school students in community building activities, activities that create positive school spirit, and initiatives that serve the local and global communities.  As leaders among the student body, the LOL team strives to set positive examples of what it means to put our faith into action which includes serving students at various events, acting as ambassadors of MBCI at public events, and taking an active role in augmenting an ethos of inclusion in the middle school.

- Mrs. Monica Ulrich



I have recently been given the opportunity to join one of my favourite school activities – LOL.  LOL stands for League of Leaders and it’s like the middle school student council.  We are in charge of things like the Halloween party.  But, LOL is not just about fun.  It teaches us leadership skills and serving others.  I’ve met a lot of other kids in other grades as well.


Megan – Gr. 6 LOL Representative