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Foods and Nutrition Grades 7 and 9

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Tanna Melendez

Grade 7

Hello, Grade 7's!

Grade 7s rotate through 4 Practical Arts classes such as Nutrition, Woodworking, Art and Drama. 

In grade 7, we focus on baking and some basic oven and stovetop operation.  And of course, clean up!  

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL SECTIONS OF GRADE 7, THAT I CURRENTLY SEE, HAVE AN ASSIGNMENT DUE during the time that I see them.  The due date for the current section will be announced soon. The link to the assignment page is below if you need to print it out:


Here is a copy of the course outline for Grade 7:

Grade 7 Course Outline  - coming soon!

These first few weeks we will be working on our kitchen procedures and measuring techniques for dry ingredients.  We will also do lots of dishes!  

We use millilitres (ml) when we measure ingredients for baking but we will also be touching on some imperial measuring.  The conversion is fairly simple:

250 ml = 1 Cup

125 ml = 1/2 Cup

60 ml = 1/4 Cup

15 ml = 1 Tbsp.

5 ml = 1 tsp.

2.5 ml = 1/2 tsp.

1.25 ml = 1/4 tsp

I hope this helps if/when your student is reading a recipe that is in imperial measurements

Grade 7
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