Grade 10 Intro to Applied and Pre-Calculus

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Here is a detailed course outline for this course.

Grade 12 Applied Math

Grade 12 Applied Math is a very practical course that focuses on making connections with real life situations and examples.  Our 3 main topics for the year are finance, probability and functions (using the graphing calculator).  Applied Math is a University entrance course for students that do not need to take Calculus.  All students take a provincial exam in June.

Grade 11 Applied Math

In Grade 11, Applied Math branches off from Pre-Calculus into it's own course.  We focus on making math connections with life, which means we do a lot of real-life context problem solving.  If you want to take a University entrance math course that is not heading in the direction of Calculus in University, this is the course for you.

Grade 10 Intro to Applied and Pre-Calculus

Grade 10 Introduction to Applied and Pre-Calculus builds a foundation for both of the respective Grade 11 math courses.  Applied Math focuses on real-world, context-based problem solving.  Pre-Calculus is highly driven by equation solving, graphing and theoretical thinking.  This Grade 10 course will be a balance of these two.

Grade 8 Science

Grade 8 Science is an exciting class where we will be exploring topics such as cells, light, fluids and water systems.  I'm looking forward to doing science with you this year!