Stuart Koslowsky

When I was a student at MBCI I encountered many teachers who impassioned me in my faith and drove me to excellence.  I feel privileged to be able to play a part in the lives of students here at this school.  My passion in teaching at MBCI is to be able to lead students into the logical world of mathematical and scientific thinking.  It is in this world that I see God's fingerprints all over creation and it is my goal as a teacher to help students see this too.

Grade 12 Applied Math

Grade 12 Applied Math is a very practical course that focuses on making connections with real life situations and examples.  Our 3 main topics for the year are finance, probability and functions (using the graphing calculator).  Applied Math is a University entrance course for students that do not need to take Calculus.  All students take a provincial exam in June.

Grade 11 Applied Math

In Grade 11, Applied Math branches off from Pre-Calculus into it's own course.  We focus on making math connections with life, which means we do a lot of real-life context problem solving.  If you want to take a University entrance math course that is not heading in the direction of Calculus in University, this is the course for you.

Grade 10 Intro to Applied and Pre-Calculus

Grade 10 Introduction to Applied and Pre-Calculus builds a foundation for both of the respective Grade 11 math courses.  Applied Math focuses on real-world, context-based problem solving.  Pre-Calculus is highly driven by equation solving, graphing and theoretical thinking.  This Grade 10 course will be a balance of these two.

Grade 8 Science

Grade 8 Science is an exciting class where we will be exploring topics such as cells, light, fluids and water systems.  I'm looking forward to doing science with you this year!