Richard Klassen

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Richard Klassen

Richard Klassen

 I became familiar with the MBCI community in grade 5 when I attended a varsity basketball game with my sister who was then in grade 7. Upon returning home, I passionately voiced to my parents, “I’m going to that school!” After 6 years as a student at MBCI I found that I had developed a love for sport, music, drama and had been well trained educationally and mentored spiritually. I look forward to journeying with my students.


remove valuables from the changeroom

SLG Service Day Information May 3 

- Meet at Donwood Manor (Donwood Drive) for 9:00 AM

- Bring work gloves, older clothing, a bag lunch, 7-Eleven money, a bus ticket or money to return to school for 3:30

- Emergency Contact: 204-668-4410 (Donwood), 204-798-7102 (Mr. Klassen)

- I look forward to working with you all as we serve

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