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ELA Grade 8

For a course syllabus click here.

Your first major writing piece is due any time during the week of Oct.5-9. For a detailed description of what we talked about in class for the Character Life assignment, please click here.

Starting this week, you will be engaging in your first story based almost entirely on dialogue only.

Students should be familiar with the rules of dialogue writing, with an emphasis on punctuation. Please click here for the rules we looked at in class.

Dialogue story ideas click here. Dialogue stories should have been in by October 23. If not, please come and see me to make arrangements for it to be handed in.

Short Story work began last week. There will be two class periods to work on it. Please remember that the edit bonus has been moved to November 2. Hand in date for the story is November 9th. Stories must be typed up. For the explanation on how you will be graded, please click here.

Happy New Year. The material below is the new stuff for 2016. I will keep the old material up here in case you need it.

A reminder that there are some of you who have not handed in your paragraphs yet. Please do so ASAP.

Life Posters will be due by the end of our first week back.

Alchemist connection speeches will be worked on starting the week of January 11. For a copy of the handout explaining the assignment, please click here.

Here is a file with explanations of all the poetry we have done. Click here to access the file. Use it to help you finish your collections accurately.


We are currently working on essay writing skills. Our first attempt at the essay, showing that kids should not watch the Hunger Games, yet they will anyway, is due this week (April 18-22).

For those wanting to start to think about exams, look at last years review by clicking here. Most of what you read still applies to this year's exam.

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