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Church History - Grade 11

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Ethics Then and Now due no later than Thursday, Oct. 15.

As term two ends, please make sure you get your elective options in.

February 24th will be our Term two evaluation. These will be written individually or with one other person. There is only one question. It is as follows. The church had a pretty good thing going until Constantine legalized Christianity in 313 AD. From that point on, the church seemed to be in decline, even as their power increased. Using information from Constantine, pilgrimages, the crusades, and the information learned from The Name of the Rose and the related lectures given, prove this is either true or not or a bit of both. Finally, did Luther save the church from itself or just make matters worse? Explain.

MBCI's first ever Non-violence in a Violent World Conference is being held June 11th. Click HERE to read more. A letter should be coming home to parents this week. 

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Global Issues

Church History - Grade 11

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