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Advanced German 10-12
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Basic French 7
Basic French 8
Art 7
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Leona Rew

Gr. 8 Basic French

Here you will find the course outline as well as a quick glance at the weekly expectations.

course outline 2016-2017

15 Sept.  We have begun!  Drawing our imaginary house in Paris complete with furniture and French labels is the project!  When students return from camp we will continue.

Due date: 27 - 29 September.  The architectural drawings will be displayed in class and presented in French!

German 10

Basic French 7


German Exchange Program!

Welcome: Dominik, Gedeon, Anne, Maren and Marlene to MBCI

September 17: Pool Party at the Rews

September 29: Visit to Seven Sisters Falls and Old Pinawa Dam

German Advanced 10-12
Gr. 8 Basic French