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German Exchange Program!

A big Canadian welcome goes out to Sonja, Anne, Beatrice, Denise, Leonie, Jenny, Josina and Jasmin, from our exchange school in Detmold!   They will remain with us for term 1, returning the 2 Dec.

Spring 2016

Congratulations to:

Elissa Frischbutter, Manny Ratzlaff, Mariel Roehr and Max Wiebe who will be attending the August-Hermann-Francke-Schule in Detmold after Spring Break for their German Exchange experience!  You will never be the same!

MBCI offers a German Exchange program with the AHF Gymnasium ( August- Hermann- Francke-Gymnasium) in Detmold, Germany, which follows the provincial curriculum of North Rhine Westphalia.  Its teachers, like our MBCI staff, are professing Christians, engaged in Christian discipline and formation of their students.     The program is of a three month duration.  MBCI students arrive in Detmold in the  beginning of April and conclude their studies at the  end of June.   The students of AHF Gymnasium begin their studies at MBCI  in September and conclude their studies  the end of November.

Where there is a reciprocal exchange of students, all fees, excluding airfare and discretionary spending money, are waived.    Where there is no exchange, fees include  airfare, tuition, activity, and homestay. 

This program is open to students in Grade 11 within the Advanced German program with strong oral and written German language skills.  MBCI students are integrated with the German students in their school curriculum with the  expectation of active engagement regarding class participation, homework and exemplary behaviour.  The marks for the participating student are based on all graded assignments of terms 1 and 2.   Grade 11 exams in term 3 are exempt. Teachers, at their discretion, may ask students to continue with MBCI courses, if deemed necessary.   MBCI students interested in this program please contact Leona Rew at lrew@mbci.mb.ca

For a quick view of  AHF Gymnasium check out their website at www.ahfs-detmold.de

German 10

Basic French 7


German Exchange Program!

Welcome: Dominik, Gedeon, Anne, Maren and Marlene to MBCI

September 17: Pool Party at the Rews

September 29: Visit to Seven Sisters Falls and Old Pinawa Dam

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