Leona Rew

Cert. Ed.
PBDE ( October 2014)

Advanced German 10-12
Ger. 10-12
Basic French 7
Basic French 8
Art 7
European Study Tour
German Exchange Program

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Leona Rew

German Advanced 10-12

course outline

until we are fully functional on Edsby...welcome back!

After 3 days of instruction our assignments are as follows:

  • learning conversational phrases with memorization and modelling daily
  • Eine Reise nach London Kunst
  • Each student has received a novel study to read and will prepare a summary as directed for Okt. 1.

21 Sept.

  • viewing of Tatort  (Germany's most popular crime series) for entertainment and aural comprehension
  • presentation of short skit : Aschenputtel

German 10

Basic French 7


German Exchange Program!

Welcome: Dominik, Gedeon, Anne, Maren and Marlene to MBCI

September 17: Pool Party at the Rews

September 29: Visit to Seven Sisters Falls and Old Pinawa Dam

German Advanced 10-12
Gr. 8 Basic French