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Advanced German 10-12
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Here you will find the learning we will accomplish this term!

Course outline

25 May:

Eric Carle, Henri Matisse, and pointillism inspired art; Indigenous art of the West Coast is on display !  Come for a gallery walk!  Today we begin "drawing the face".

22 April:

Come and participate in a gallery walk at room 3102 to view the amazing compositions of our Grade 7 artists!  The featured inspirations are Henri Matisse and Eric Carle!

Our classes end on April 28 at which time we will switch.   Our last project honours the aboriginal art of the People of the First Nations.

22 March:

Summary of compositions: Pointillism, One - point perspective, Picasso inspiration. 

After Spring Break: Eric Carle and Henri Matisse.

26 February:  Change - over happens on Monday, 29 February!  Meet me in the Drama room!

29 January:  Week of 1- 5 February

  • Picasso short story and history as well his inspired compositions are completed

  • Introduction to Henri Matisse and his influence on Eric Carle.  

  • Drawing with scissors as inspired by Matisse, 2 Feb.

11 January

On the hallway bulletin board by my room you will see the display of our Art inspirations drawn from Picasso, and Carle Carle ( Henri Matisse).  

  • our current compositions  - one point perspective drawing

  • followed by Pointillism this week!

  • Our Art change-over date is January 19th


2 October:

We have been introduced to and inspired by :

  • drawing our own one point perspective compositions
  • creating our own Picasso inspired masterpieces!  
  • they will be on the wall soon!  
  • the week of the 5th we will begin pointillism!

16 October:

  • ended with learning to draw a Porsche 911
  • viewed a film on Leonardo da Vinci
  • change over to new classes on Tuesday 20th.

6 November:

Compositions thus far:

  • Study in Pointillism with Georges-Pierre Seurat -inpired compositions (Oct. 20)

  • Read Biography of Picasso and created our own Picasso-inspired geometric/cubism composition (Oct. 29)

  • One-pointed perspective drawing almost completed (Nov. 2) 
  • Portrait drawing of a face ( 6 Nov.)

23 November: 

Welcome to Art in Grade 7! 

We have begun with an introduction to the elements of art and priniciples of design and continued with the biography of Pablo Picasso.

27 November:

We have begun our Picasso inspired compositions!

German 10

Basic French 7


German Exchange Program!

Welcome: Dominik, Gedeon, Anne, Maren and Marlene to MBCI

September 17: Pool Party at the Rews

September 29: Visit to Seven Sisters Falls and Old Pinawa Dam

German Advanced 10-12
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