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Leona Rew

Leona Rew

Guten Tag! Bienvenue! Welcome!
Herzlich willkommen auf meiner Web-seite!
Bienvenue à mon site-web!
Welcome to my web-page!

Every year brings opportunities for curiosity and for learning!   This year is no different!   For me the excitement comes from  new  encounters with students, teachers, books and  the subjects I teach.  This year I have the wonderful opportunity of teaching EAL to our international students.   I am thus enrolled at the University of Manitoba to learn the strategies for this and have already had my first session where confirmation was given that I have been on the right track throughout the years in my instruction!

Other stimulating events of the summer included a drive with my husband across the Northern Great Lakes to Toronto where we left the car and boarded the flight to Tel Aviv, Israel to visit our son, who is pursuing his Masters in Middle Eastern Studies at Tel Aviv U.  The return drive took us across the southern portion of the Great Lakes, including a pilgrimmage to Hibbing, Minnesota, former home of Bob Dylan.  In August, once again, I hopped on the airplane and headed to Frankfurt, Germany for a birthday celebration of German friends made in Canada many years ago while I waitressed at The Happy Vineyard.  This friendship has allowed me to frequently return to Germany to immerse myself in the German language.  I returned home via Paris where the impact of the violence of the past year was evident.   There seemed to be less tourists and line-ups.  I look forward to sharing my engagement with what I have learned with my students!

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Welcome: Dominik, Gedeon, Anne, Maren and Marlene to MBCI

September 17: Pool Party at the Rews

September 29: Visit to Seven Sisters Falls and Old Pinawa Dam

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