Kelly-Lynne Reimer

BA (Honors), Bed, Certificate in Creative Writing

Grade 11 English Teacher


Kelly-Lynne Reimer



Interactive Student Notebook

Campaign for Novel Change Handout 

Role Assignments CNC

CNC Discussion Questions

ISN Requirements for Evaluation #1

Definition of a Memoir

Things to Remember about a Memoir

Memoir - "Unbroken"

Memoir - "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings"

ISN Evaluation #2 (In Progress)

6 Word Memoir & Full Length Memoir Assignment

Digital Memoir Assignment (Coordinates with Biology's Disease Project)

ISN Completed List for TERM 2 EValuation -February 22/23

Poetry Slam'N Unit

Update Poetry Unit Rubric

Draft #1 Poetry Slam - March 17/18 depending on class section

Draft #2 Poetry Slam - March 22/23  depending on class section

Final Draft & In Class Performances of Poetry Slams - April 20-23

Semi-Final Poetry Slams (at lunch in the drama room) April 27 & 28

Poetry Slam Cup Finals (at Sam's Place on Henderson Hwy at 7:00pm) Thursday, May 5

CMU High School Essay Contest Assignment May2/3 

**Please Note*** I will be away April 6-16th on the MBCI Music Tour


Drama - Grade 7

Drama - Grade 8

Drama - Grade 12

Improv Club