Kelly-Lynne Reimer

BA (Honors), Bed, Certificate in Creative Writing

Grade 11 English Teacher


Kelly-Lynne Reimer

Drama - Grade 7

A-Muse - Task are due the next drama class and should be one page, double spaced. 

  1. Observe a person (friend, family, stranger) and then write a detailed explanation of them. Include how they looked, walked, smelled, talked, what they ate, any key words or phrases they said and so forth.
  2. Describe why it is important to work as a team (ensemble) in Drama. List three activities you are involved in that requires you work as an Ensemble.
  3. Describe a time you were part of a good ensemble. Describe a time you were part of a poor ensemble
  4. Think of a character from a TV show or movie that uses his or her body really well for acting. Describe that character.
  5. Think of one interesting environment. Describe it in detail- shapes, colors, smells, touch, taste, sounds.

Family Portrait "Toy Soldiers"

Above a few pictures of the Grade 7s in a drama excercise called "Family Portraits." From Left to Right we have a family of Toy Soldiers, Painters and (dare I say it)...Criminals! Well Done Everyone!


Drama - Grade 7

Drama - Grade 8

Drama - Grade 12

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