Jon Goossen

B. Comm. (Hons.)
B. Ed.
Dip. in Bus. Teacher Ed.

Grade 9 Biblical Studies, Grade 10 Retail Marketing, Grade 11 Accounting, Grade 9 Futures in Business, Grade 9 & 11 Career Counselling

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Jon Goossen

Career Counselling

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Some students know exactly what they want to do others find it a tough question to answer.

Part of my course load is to spend time with students in grade 9 and 11 looking at potential careers for future careers.

In Grade 9 and 11 we have students look at a program called Career Cruising.  Students go through a match maker and skill questioning website to narrow down some possible careers based on the answers they provide the program.

Grade 11 we follow up with the students individually to give them advice about their selections and also provide them with information on job searching and resume writing.

Parents feel free to log on to the website with your child to test out the program.  Your child will have a username and password for the website.

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Career Counselling

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