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Jessica Boese



You should bring the following to class:

  • pen or pencil
  • binder with adequate looseleaf
  • agenda book
  • Independent Reading novel
  • Writer's Notebook

Vocabulary Words:

poignant, excerpt, critique, edification, incredulous, escapee, collective, blazoned, formidable, suspense, deplorable, supplication, ponderous, restitution, guile, muster, victual, cursive, profusion, smithy, altruism, ambivalent, nuptials, tempest, edict, soliloquy, woo, knave, changeling, extempore, filch, lamentable, derision, rebuke, sojourn, abjure, idle, pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovocanoconiosis*,  idiom (from class notes), predilection, curiosity, repertoire, vapid, assuaged, deem, mortification

*=bonus word:)

Check out the Final Exam Page

Independent Reading:

Reading three books each term will earn you 100% in the Reading component of the course (15%). Bring in your books to discuss as you finish them (don't save them until the end of term!), and make sure you have your next book ready to go in class. 

Pace yourself with these book due dates: First book = April 5, Second book = May 3, Third book (and final date for any books) = June 3


  • Books may include one non-fiction book
  • You may read a book that has been made into a movie (see me about BookTalk requirement if you choose this one)
  • Books may include 800 pages of graphic novel (see me for details)
  • You may count To Kill A Mockingbird as one of your books

On the Exam...

This Week (June 13)...

  • Any Exam Questions?
  • Finish book talks
  • Finish movie (To Kill A Mockingbird)

Coming Up...

  • Your Exam: Wednesday, June 15 @ 12:00
  • Bring To Kill A Mockingbird and A Midsummer Night's Dream to Ms. Boese's class at 11:45

Helpful Shakespeare Links:

SparkNotes Video Summary

BBC Animated Tales (kind of a creepy version, but conveys the storyline fairly accurately)

Past Assignments and Resources:

Shakespeare in the Park!

SLG #12


World of Woolcraft

Final Exam