Dorothy Herr


Guidance Counsellor
Resource Teacher

204-667-8210 ext 3113

Dorothy Herr

Dorothy Herr

I have been involved in Christian Education for my entire teaching career, enjoying the freedom to incorporate my faith in my interactions with students. In my position as Guidance Counsellor, my greatest satisfaction comes from helping students through difficult times in their lives and, seeing how God has been a part of that process.

As the Guidance Counsellor, I am available to help students with whatever needs or struggles they may have. If necessary, an outside referral may be recommended. All student interactions are treated in a confidential manner in an effort to create a safe, trusting and welcoming environment.

For senior high students, I provide career and post-secondary information to help them in their planning for their next steps beyond grade 12, making sure they have enough credits to graduate. On a monthly basis, I supply grade 12 students with information regarding scholarships, post-secondary registration deadlines and graduation information.

In addition to my responsibilities as the Guidance Counsellor, I am also the Resource Teacher, coordinating supports for middle school and high school students.

I coach the KPAC cross country team and KPAC track & field.

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