Brian Plett

BRS BA (Rel Studies, History) Cert. of Ed.

Athletic Director
Phys Ed Dept Head
Grade 10 American History
Grade 10 Biblical Studies

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Brian Plett

Grade 7 Social Studies - People and Places

I am very excited about the opportunity to help our grade 7 students learn more about this amazing world we live in.  Not only was I born and raised overseas, I have had the pleasure of travelling extensively and have children who have travelled and lived in many places around the world. It will be a thrilling adventure of travel, exploration and learning this year.  The picture I have attached is of the island of St. Lucia, specifically the southwest town of Soufriere and its iconic mountains.  I lived in the shadow of this majestic mountain, the Petit Piton for eight years.  I swam and fished in the deep, crystal clear waters right at its base.  I played in a volcano half a mile away and showered in the waterfall a hundred yards from my bedroom window.  My childhood was lived out in the warmth and lushness of the tropics.

Course Outline 2016-17

American History


Grade 10 Bible

Hawks Volleyball Club

Rocky Mountain Trip June 26-July 4, 2014


American History Trip - March 2017

KPAC Golf League

Grade 7 Social Studies - People and Places

St. Lucia -

Varsity Boys Volleyball Team 2016