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BRS BA (Rel Studies, History) Cert. of Ed.

Athletic Director
Phys Ed Dept Head
Grade 10 American History
Grade 10 Biblical Studies

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Brian Plett

Grade 10 Bible

The Grade 10 Bible course is a study of the Old Testament and the History of Israel. The course is intended to serve a number of purposes: To help students develop an appreciation for the Bible as our guide for Godly, Christian living; to help students develop an understanding of the historical and cultural aspects of the ancient Near East; to help students develop an understanding of the major themes running through the Old Testament; and to help students develop an understanding of some current aspects of Jewish culture and religious observances.

Course Outline 2016-17

The Student Service Proposal and MBCI Requirement

All grade 10 students are required to complete at least fifteen hours of service as part of their Biblical Studies requirement.  These hours need to be completed no later than the end of May, 2016 along with the proper documentation.  Many students will have completed the Service component during the summer.  That is wonderful.  Students who have not completed their Service need to complete a Service Proposal where they along with their parents indicate what options they are considering to complete their Service Requirement.  This needs to be submitted to Mr. Plett before the end of Term 1.  As Athletic Dirrector I have many opportunities within our Athletic Program that would allow many students to complete their Service Component.  Talk to me.

American History


Grade 10 Bible

Grade 7 Social Studies - People and Places

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