Brian Plett

BRS BA (Rel Studies, History) Cert. of Ed.

Athletic Director
Phys Ed Dept Head
Grade 10 American History
Grade 10 Biblical Studies

204-667-8210 ext 5202

Brian Plett


MBCI is a wonderful place and I'm so thankful that I can be a part of it.

I have always thought of education as something that does not just take place within the walls of a classroom but in the cafeteria, the gym, in the concert hall and on the theater stage, on trips and during tournaments, in locker rooms and in the hallways.  I feel so privileged to be involved in the most exciting profession I can imagine.

American History


Grade 10 Bible

Hawks Volleyball Club

Rocky Mountain Trip June 26-July 4, 2014


American History Trip - March 2017

KPAC Golf League

Grade 7 Social Studies - People and Places

St. Lucia -

Varsity Boys Volleyball Team 2016