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Grade 10 American History
Grade 10 Biblical Studies

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Brian Plett

American History

Students will examine such major events as colonization, the American Revolution, the Constitution, territorial expansion, the Civil War and reconstruction, political-economic-social-cultural developments, and foreign policy.  An attempt will be made to consider the impact the US currently has and has had on its neighbours and the nations of the world.

A further intent is to identify the personalities who shaped American history and to examine briefly their contributions.

A historical survey course always covers a lot of ground over a short period of time and yet there will be certain issues or events that may require greater focus and discussion.  Students will benefit the most when they engage in classroom discussions, do the readings and complete daily assignments.  Students will be expected to follow current developments in the US both formally (through course assignments) and informally so that they can contribute to classroom discussions intelligently.

Course Outline 2016-17

Classroom Expectations

American History


Grade 10 Bible

Grade 7 Social Studies - People and Places

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