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BRS BA (Rel Studies, History) Cert. of Ed.

Athletic Director
Phys Ed Dept Head
Grade 10 American History
Grade 10 Biblical Studies

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Brian Plett

American History Trip - March 2017

Sign up for the American History trip now and get in on the lowest price.  Check out the details  American History Trip 2017.

My plan is to find at least thirty eager students who not only want to learn more about the history of the United States but want to see the sites where it all happened. You'll find yourself right at the spot where the Declaration of Independence was signed, where the first Revolutionary battles were fought, where the World Trade Center towers used to stand, where Martin Luther King gave the speech that still echoes throughout the land, "I have a dream". 

On top of the extensive list of amazing historic sites, you will be able to gain a much clearer understanding of current American politics and culture by getting a sense of what Americans value, what divides them and what unites them as they continually struggle to create "a more perfect union".  They are a diverse yet passionate and proud people when it comes to their history, and their institutions be they political or cultural.

Don't hesitate to call me or email me if you have any questions.  This is one trip where you won't want to be left behind.

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