MBCI Administration

Andrea Neufeld
Jessica Boese
Assistant Principal
Reynold Buhler
Assistant Principal

For general inquries please call 204-667-8210 or use the form below:

MBCI Teaching Staff

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Kendra Bommersbach

Merlin Braun* on leave

Andrew Brown

Jodi Daly

Angela Diboll * on leave

Ken Geddert

Andrew Hiebert

Andrew Klassen

Richard Klassen

Stuart Koslowsky

Wes Koslowsky

Heather Lange

Ian Livingston

Kristin Lutzer

Tanna Melendez

Marc Neufeld

Mike Neufeld

Laura O'Brien

Anita Penner

Brian Plett

Kelly Reimer

Ramon Rempel

Richard Rempel

Anna Schaefer

Catherine Schroeder

Janessa Sequeira

Austin Sukkau

Tim Taves

Dave Tjart

Kim Tjart

Monica Ulrich

Pih Ha Voon

Trudy Voth

Steve Warkentine

Val Warkentine

MBCI Support Staff

Email staff members by clicking on their name.

Janis Banman - Public Relations Manager

Angela Bartley -  Administrative Assistant

Esther Bissell - Custodian

David Bissell - Facilities Manager

Josh Bissell - Custodian

Denise Dahl - Accounting Assistant 

Sandi Hamm - Event Coordinator

Dorothy Herr - Guidance Counsellor & Resource

Adrian Enns - Campus Pastor & Rentals Manager

Karin Friesen - Student Records & Admissions

Harry Hirsch - IT Manager

Jennifer Rogalsky - Administrative Assistant

Sherry Sukkau - Director of Advancement, Recruitment & International Student Program

Elwood Wiebe - Business Manager

Jen Wohlgemut - Librarian