Student Fundraising

Start fundraising and earn money for your student account!

In an effort to offset the costs of school study trips, music or athletic fees, (excluding tuition), we invite parents and students to participate in fundraising activities!   Start early and bank funds for future years! 

Show and Save Books

Sale begins Monday, September 12th and ends Friday, September 23rd. Books sell for $20 and are available in the school office.

Sobeys Gift Cards (first of two)

Sale begins Monday, October 3rd and ends Friday October 14th. Profit is 8% with sales of $10,000. Card pick up is Thursday October 27th from the school office.

Peak of the Market - Farm to School

Sale begins in November with deadline on Nov. 21st. Pick up date is Dec. 5th.  Profits will be shared between student and school with 60% going to your student fundraising account and 40% going to MBCI campus expansion.

Building Big Futures Raffle!

Be part of MBCI's Annual Raffle and earn $5 for each ticket you sell. Ticket sales start December 5th until February 4th.

Sobeys Gift Cards (second of two)

Sale begins Monday, February 13th and ends Friday, February 24th. Profit is 5% with sales of $5,000. Card pick up is Monday, March 7th from the school office.