Home-stay Program

"Having a Korean student in our home for the last two years has been a delight. Our own children have fully embraced having a new 'sister' to hang out with and share life and love. We know this relationship has enhanced our family and value the experience of learning about a new country and culture."

(K. Hiebert- home-stay parent, 2015)

A home-away-from-home

  • MBCI is pleased to offer a home-stay family program for all of our international students. 
  • Canadian Immigration requires that international students under the age of 18 have a guardian during their stay in Canada. 
  • International students may arrange for their own home-stay family while in Canada, or they may ask for us to help them to find a home-stay family.
  • MBCI has a home-stay coordinator on site. Our coordinator has many years of experience working to match and support both home-stay families and their international students.
  • International students at MBCI are matched with a caring, Canadian home-stay family in a non-smoking home.  
  • The home-stay family supports the faith and ideals of MBCI.
  • International students are expected to be a part of the daily life of their home-stay family. This may include participating in family events and celebrations, attending church, and helping out with household chores. 
  • The home-stay coordinator will conduct an extensive home study of the family and their home prior to the arrival of the student.
  • The home-stay coordinator will check in regularly with both the international student and the family throughout the year.
  • Part of the fees that international students pay will help to  compensate home-stay families for the expenses involved in housing and feeding another family member. Please see the 'fees' section for more information. 


Be a Host/Homestay!

Open your home to students from other cultures and help them adapt to the Canadian lifestyle. Students come here from around the world to study in Canadian schools to obtain a Canadian education and graduate. Many go on to universities in Canada. 

By inviting a student into your lives, hosts experience new and exciting family dynamics. They also learn about other cultures and traditions. Hosting often leads to the development of long-term relationships with the host-family visiting their student in their home country. 

What are the responsibilities of a host family? 

Most students are leaving their families for the first time when they study abroad. Hosts welcome them with an open heart, treating the student as a member of the family, while supporting their academic progress and cultural integration. English must be the language spoken at home. Hosts provide a bedroom, study area and three meals a day - plus healthy snacks. 

Duration of stay - typically ten months

Reasons to host:

  • Experience new and exciting family dynamics
  • Help a student adapt to the Canadian lifestyle
  • Connect your family to the world
  • Learn about other cultures and traditions
  • Build lasting friendships
  • Be involved in your community

What are the requirements?

  • Offer the student a private bedroom and study area
  • English must be the language spoken at home
  • Provide the student with three meals a day plus healthy snacks
  • Parental support and acceptance of student as a part of the family

What do we provide for our host families?

  • Monthly remuneration
  • Orientation
  • Home-stay manual
  • On-going support

For information about our home-stay family program, please contact Heidi DeFehr, Homestay Facilitator

email: hdefehr@mbci.mb.ca