Students at MBCI are taught to cultivate practices that allow them to become life-long learners, deeply engaged in understanding the world around them.  Learning beyond the classroom is an integral part of our program where students have opportunity to be a part of clubs, one of the six study tours, competitive athletic teams or music groups.

Getting involved beyond the classroom is key to making new friends, learning new skills, growing confidence, having life-changing experiences and expanding one’s worldview.


We offer several different trips to take what’s learned in the classroom even further.

European Study Tour - Grade 10-12 (studying Modern Languages, Art or History)

This study tour occurs every two years with the express purpose of creating a vision and curiosity for European history, art, languages and cuisine. Students visit Paris, Swiss Alps, and Germany.

Britannia Study Tour - Grade 11 & 12

Students stare with wide-eyed wonder at the collision of magnificent architecture with the historical, cultural and literary significance while touring England, Ireland and Wales.

American History Tour - Grade 10-12

This trip offers students a glimpse into the historical narrative of colonial and revolutionary America and moves them through the earliest days of the Republic following Independence.

Rocky Mountain Trip - Grade 9-12

Not for the timid or those scared of heights, the Rocky Mountain trip is designed to give our students a real taste of some serious mountain hiking.

Model U.N. Trip - Grade 9-12

Members of MBCI’s Model United Nations club travel to Vancouver to participate in the Canadian Association of High School Model United Nations’ annual conference; here they will present proposals, discuss solutions, and draft resolutions with the purpose of gaining a deeper insight into how we respond to international crises around the world.


We encourage every student to find an activity they could take part in.  At MBCI there are many options to choose from.

Art Club
Cardboard Society (MS)
Chess Club
Environment Club
Garden Club
Gr. 9 Worship Band
HS Worship Band
iCon (International Connections)
Improv (HS)
Jr. Jazz Band
LunchPov (MS)
Model UN (HS)
MS Worship Band
Sr. Jazz Band
Table Tennis (MS)
Wilderness Club Canoe Trip
Writer's Club
Yearbook (HS)
Youth in Philanthropy (HS)


Jazz Band
Vocal Jazz


Hair & Makeup
Stage Crew
Set Construction
Set Design


Cross Country
Track & Field
Indoor Soccer

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