MBCI education begins in our grade 6 classrooms where student learning happens in an environment of encouragement that is focused on the growth and development of the whole child.  Our students are challenged to try new things and to begin to discover what they are passionate about – to engage in active learning that creates a solid foundation of the knowledge and skills needed as they move through to high school.

STAR 6 incorporates STEAM [Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics] learning, giving students the tools to become innovators and problem solvers. Students will learn about digital citizenship, coding and robotics as a part of this program. Students will also engage with Art, Drama, Study Skills, Time Management, and Music, with added choices of Band or Choral Performance, and Modern Languages.

STAR 6 is offered in newly renovated classrooms with flexible structures and Chromebook technology that support the unique learning needs of students and promotes active learning, with real world application.