Interim Reports

At MBCI the school year is divided into three terms. 

Term 1 concludes in mid-November at which time a report will be issued and parent-teacher interviews will take place.  These interviews are important for discussing student learning and progress. 

Term 2 ends in late February, followed by reports and a second opportunity for parent-teacher interviews. 

Term 3 concludes in June, followed by final exams that are written by students in grades 7 through 12.  Please review your student’s course outlines for specific assessment criteria.

Interim reports are sent to parents at approximately the midpoint of each term for students who are struggling to meet learning targets in specific courses and have a mark of 60% or under. These reports are an important tool that our teachers use to communicate with parents and students about student progress, and to provide opportunity for students to improve toward the end of the term.

The primary goal of assessment and evaluation is to enhance student learning. We encourage parents and students to discuss student learning at home and with teachers during the course of the school year.