High School Orientation Information

On March 10 and 11, 2016 we held High School Orientation sessions to answer questions about the MBCI High School Program. Andrea Neufeld, Assistant Principal along with several other high school teachers answered frequently asked questions. Below are video recordings of each topic covered during those sessions.

If you would like to discuss any topic in more detail please contact Andrea Neufeld at 204.667.8210 aneufeld@mbci.mb.ca.

Read the MBCI Viewbook HERE to learn about each academic program at MBCI and more!

How is MBCI preparing students for post-secondary and Life? (3min)

Faith and Formation at MBCI (1min)

Leadership Development (1min)

Co-Curricular options at MBCI (1:35min)

Student Fundraising (1min)

IB and AP - What MBCI offers and why (3:23min)

Community Development (1min)

Student Accountability Team (1min)

MBCI Science Program (3min)

Read alumni testimonials about the MBCI Science Program.

Information and Communication Technology Program (3:22min)

Career Counseling (5min)

Visit careercruising.com to learn more indepth the work students do with Mr. Goossen.

Student Services (5min)

Exchange Program (40sec)

Other Grade 9 Options