Absences & Lates

MBCI believes that regular attendance and punctuality are positive behaviours that should be fostered in our school.  Regular attendance of registered courses is required by both the Department of Education and MBCI.  Students are expected to attend all of their scheduled classes, this includes chapel, School Life Group and supervised study period.

Our attendance policy reflects a view that students are accountable and must take ownership of attendance. Regular attendance is necessary for a student to gain the full benefits of classroom instruction.  When classes are missed the student is responsible for the work that was covered.  Please note that the process outlined for unexplained absences provides the student with several opportunities to make a positive change in his/her attendance behaviour.



Absences for school-sponsored events are considered excused. Excused absences may include, but are not limited to, field trips, sports trips, music trips, special group trips, conferences, and suspensions.

To keep within 12 absences per year/full course

Absences are considered explained if they are confirmed by an email or telephone call from a parent or guardian. Parent/Guardian confirmation is required for every absence from a class, chapel, or SLG meeting.

Parents must notify administration of a student’s participation in activities that require him/her to be absent from classes. This includes activities such as club sports, dance competitions, music festivals, honour bands etc.

To a maximum of 6 absences/full course

Unexplained absences occur when a student has made the decision to miss class for reasons that are not supported by a parent or guardian. Students will be held accountable for each unexplained absence, serving a detention equivalent to two classes.

Any student approaching the maximum number of unexplained absences will meet with administration and be placed on an attendance contract. Parents will be notified in order to support the contract.

Exceeding the maximum number of unexplained absences will result in the student being withdrawn from the course.

Please note:

  • In the case of long-term illness (4 plus days of class), the student’s absences must be supported by a medical note. 
  • The school does not condone absences where a student has chosen to miss a class in order to make up a test or complete work for another course.
  • We ask that you consult the school calendar when scheduling appointments in order to minimize explained absences.
  • Daily notice of absences will be sent to you via SchoolConnects, allowing you to encourage positive attendance.
  • Letters will be mailed home at the following intervals:
    • Student is approaching the limit of unexplained absences per course
    • Student has reached the limit of unexplained absences per course and will be withdrawn from the course
    • Student has accumulated 8 or more explained absences per course
    • Student has accumulated 12 or more explained absences per course

To a maximum of 9 per course, per year

(a) After five lates in a subject, the student and parents/guardians will be notified by the school. 

(b) At nine lates in a subject, the student and parents/guardians will be notified by the school that the maximum number of lates has been reached.  Students will be required to serve a lunch detention in the QLC for each additional late in this course.  Where students do not show a change in behaviour with respect to lateness their credit may be placed in jeopardy.

Contact Angela Bartley any time (day or night) at 667-8210 ext. 2103, or fax a note to 661-5091.